Twin-Tiers Corning Local Section

Race to the Future (Total Raised $1000)

Statistics / Results

There were a total of 44 racers

Male Winners (min:sec)

1. Nate Heck 18:33

2. Jack Cleland 18:41

3. Jason Husted 18:45

Women Winners (min:sec)

1. Lisa Quagliana 24:54

2. Michelle Keeler 25:17

3. Lisa Gaboriault 26:32

Full Results

On Mole Day (Oct 23) we held a sucessful 5K race to raise money for the Horseheads School District science program. The Twin-Tiers Corning section of the American Chemical Society was a proud sponsor. Other members of the community gave to the race to make it a success:

Big Flats Elementary (Start and Finish Line)

Panera Bread 

Sam's Club

Jubilee Foods



Duncan Donuts

Holiday Inn (Horseheads)

Corning Running Club (Thanks for the Timer)

American Chemical Society (national)

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

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