Twin-Tiers Corning Local Section

Race to the Future (Total Raised $1000)

Statistics / Results

There were a total of 44 racers

Male Winners (min:sec)

1. Nate Heck 18:33

2. Jack Cleland 18:41

3. Jason Husted 18:45

Women Winners (min:sec)

1. Lisa Quagliana 24:54

2. Michelle Keeler 25:17

3. Lisa Gaboriault 26:32

Full Results

On Mole Day (Oct 23) we held a sucessful 5K race to raise money for the Horseheads School District science program. The Twin-Tiers Corning section of the American Chemical Society was a proud sponsor. Other members of the community gave to the race to make it a success:

Big Flats Elementary (Start and Finish Line)

Panera Bread 

Sam's Club

Jubilee Foods



Duncan Donuts

Holiday Inn (Horseheads)

Corning Running Club (Thanks for the Timer)

American Chemical Society (national)